Gambling destroys life Playing wrong until death

Gambling destroys life Playing wrong until death

Mostly seen for the gambler that does not work together. It can be seen that gambling and intoxication are the same thing. The more in the casino, this is a place that is clearly blessed. The gambler who plays in the casino must have alcohol on his side. Most will have to solve stress when playing. But in fact, the more you lose, the more alcoholic you lose, the more emotional and irritant, and the more dangerous your life. We ourselves, when we step into play, we cannot know who can trust. And how much reliable Which this industry, if well known, will know that can not trust anyone Because only people want to be Most of the time when gambling is not expected to lose money, but can get together. But these things will be or will be depended on the ability and the horoscope And absolutely nothing This security should be very careful. In the casino is a dangerous character, with people waiting to persuade all the time, unless they are addicted to gambling and still stick to something else. But this depends on the habits of the people that will pass through this time well.

At present, there are a lot of people who are addicted to gambling. There are 2 types of gambling. As for who will choose which route to go, each player will think Most players will stick to the problem until there is a problem with money, family, life and more. Because it is often not known enough Most of them will see, but these type 2 will be very small. Everyone is saying the same sound that thinking about gambling must be really cool to stay for a long time. All these words are true. Cool here, in addition to having connections Must be witty, smart, intelligent in thinking, these people will play to make money for themselves They will only think of how to do as little as possible and make a profit as a profit. And did not have the hurry to the point of being exhausted Must be gradually Reap the most knowledge and experience. This is the main concept. In his technique, we cannot know deeply. Because they are still, technically more complex than they think

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